Active and Assisted Living (AAL) technologies and services aim to improve quality of life and support independent and healthy living of older and frail people. Innovation in AAL can address healthcare and social demands while generating economic opportunities.

Smart devices

Off-the-shelf IoT products have been adopted for everyday use for human-computer/environment interaction, streaming, recording, or video summarisation. Audio and video make it possible to monitor an environment and gather information.


One of the users’ main concerns about the use of AAL technologies and services is related to the possibility of collecting data, to whom it will be disseminated and how it will be used. AAL solutions must consider privacy-by-design methodologies in order to protect the fundamental rights of those being monitored.

Working groups

WG1. Social responsibility: Ethical, legal, social, data protection and privacy issues
WG2. Privacy-by-design in audio and video data
WG3. Audio- and video-based AAL applications
WG4. Curated repository of software and data
WG5. Dissemination and exploitation

Image credits: source Freepik. Authors: Freepik (header), Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels (AAL), Anete Lusina from Pexels (smart devices), Bedneyimages (privacy).