This page lists publications resulting from collaboration by GoodBrother members or that have been supported by GoodBrother’s activitities, e.g., STSMs, ITC Conference Grants.

Project deliverables

State of the art on ethical, legal, and social issues linked to audio- and video-based AAL solutions, A. Ake-Kob, A. Blazeviciene, L. Colonna, A. Čartolovni, S. Colantonio, C. Dantas, A. Fedosov, F. Florez-Revuelta, E. Fosch-Villaronga, Z. He, A. Klimczuk, M. Kuźmicz, A. Lukács, C. Lutz, R. Mekovec, C. Miguel, E. Mordini, Z. Pajalic, B.K. Pierscionek, M.J. Santofimia Romero, A.A. Salah, A. Sobecki, A. Solanas, A. Tamò-Larrieux, 2021.

State of the art in privacy preservation in video data, S. Aleksic, L. Colonna, C. Dantas, A. Fedosov, F. Florez-Revuelta, E. Fosch-Villaronga, A. Jevremovic, H.G. Msakniç, S. Ravi, B. Rexha, A. Tamò-Larrieux, 2022.

State of the Art of Audio- and Video-Based Solutions for AAL, S. Aleksic, M. Atanasov, J. Calleja Agius, K. Camilleri, A. Čartolovni, P. Climent-Pérez, S. Colantonio, S. Cristina, V. Despotovic, H.K. Ekenel, E. Erakin, F. Florez-Revuelta, D. Germanese, N. Grech, S.G. Sigurðardóttir, M. Emirzeoğlu, I. Iliev, M. Jovanovic, M. Kampel, W. Kearns, A. Klimczuk, L. Lambrinos, J. Lumetzberger, W. Mucha, S. Noiret, Z. Pajalic, R. Rodriguez Pérez, G. Petrova, S. Petrovica, P. Pocta, A. Poli, M. Pudane, S. Spinsante, A.A. Salah, M.J. Santofimia, A.S. Islind, L. Stoicu-Tivadar, H. Tellioğlu, A. Zgank, 2022.

Proceedings of the GoodBrother International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society 2022, (eds.) A. Čartolovni, A. Fedosov, E. Fosch-Villaronga, C. Lutz, A. Tamò-Larrieux, 2022.

Position paper on ethical, legal and social challenges linked to audio- and video-based AAL solutions, A. Ake-Kob, S. Aleksic, Z. Alexin, A. Blaževičienė, A. Čartolovni, L. Colonna, C. Dantas, A. Fedosov, E. Fosch-Villaronga, F. Florez-Revuelta, Z. He, A. Jevremović, A. Klimczuk;, M. Kuźmicz, L. Lambrinos, C. Lutz, A. Malešević, R. Mekovec, C. Miguel, T. Mujirishvili, Z. Pajalic, R. Perez Vega, B. Pierscionek, S. Ravi, P. Sarf, A. Solanas, A. Tamò-Larrieux, 2022.

Journal papers

Bedtime Monitoring for Fall Detection and Prevention in Older Adults, J. Fernández-Bermejo Ruiz, J. Dorado Chaparro, M.J. Santofimia Romero, F.J. Villanueva Molina, X. del Toro García, C. Bolaños Peño, H. Llumiguano Solano, S. Colantonio, F. Flórez-Revuelta, J.C. López, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(12):7139, 2022.

Technological Solutions for Sign Language Recognition: A Scoping Review of Research Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities, B. Joksimoski, E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, I.M. Pires, F.J. Melero, T. Puebla Martinez, N.M. Garcia, M. Mihajlov, I. Chorbev, V. Trajkovik, IEEE Access, 10, 40979-40998, 2022.

Facilitating privacy-preserving activity recognition in age-friendly environments through low-power devices, A. Dimitrievski, E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, V. Trajkovik, Procedia Computer Science203, 693-698, 2022.

Audio-based Active and Assisted Living: A review of selected applications and future trends, V. Despotovic, P. Pocta, A. Zgank, Computers in Biology and Medicine, p. 106027, 2022.

Ambient Assisted Living: A Scoping Review of Artificial Intelligence Models, Domains, Technology and Concerns, M. Jovanovic, G. Mitrov, E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, S. Colantonio, M. Kampel, H. Tellioglu, F. Florez-Revuelta, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2022.

Conference papers

Discriminating Stress From Cognitive Load Using Contactless Thermal Imaging Devices, F. Gioia, M.A. Pascali, A. Greco, S. Colantonio, E.P. Scilingo, in 2021 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC), pp. 608-611, IEEE, 2021.

A Review on Applications of Low-resolution IR Array Sensors in Ambient-Assisted Living, G. Petrova, G. Spasov, I. Iliev, I., In 2021 XXX International Scientific Conference Electronics (ET), pp. 1-5, IEEE, 2021.

Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living: GoodBrother Project, N. Sklavos, M. Pantopoulou, F. Florez-Revuelta, In Proceedings of 25th EUROMICRO Conference on Digital System Design, Architectures, Methods, Tools (DSD’22), Gran Canaria, Spain, 2022.

Are Active and Assisted Living applications addressing the main acceptance concerns of their beneficiaries? Preliminary insights from a scoping review, S. Colantonio, M. Jovanovic, E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, H. Tellioglu, M. Kampel, F. Florez-Revuelta, In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, pp. 414-421, 2022.