Ethics Frameworks and Guidelines – Ongoing projects with the AAL and CEN

Carina Dantas

Presenter: Carina Dantas

Date and time: 4th March 11.30am CET


This session will present 2 ongoing projects related to Ethics and ICT:

  • The work developed under CEN/CENELEC (with Uninfo) to build and validate the European Professional Ethics Framework for the ICT Profession. The project is planned to work in close cooperation and complementarity with other CEN/TC 428 projects and aims at long-term strengthening of the ICT Profession in Europe giving attention to all stakeholder perspectives and needs that are influenced by ICT Professionalism, including ICT business requirements, market trends and overall digitization of industry.
  • The AAL Programme Guidelines on Ethics, data security and privacy. These guidelines address the AAL Framework of Excellence, including legal compliance and the ethical dialogue, together with some practical cases and use cases and can support the successful adoption and use of ICT solutions by integrating an ethical and basic legal perspective right from the development stage of products and services.