WG2. Privacy-by-design in audio and video data

This WG will bring together researchers and industry involved in the design and development of methods to ensure privacy in audio and video data. These include a variety of mechanisms for de- identification of audiovisual data in order to protect privacy while maintaining a certain degree of intelligibility in them, which could be used to recognise events and activities in a supervised (by a carer, non-automated) manner.

WG leader

Prof Edlira MARTIRI
University of Tirana
e-mail edlira.martiri@unitir.edu.al

  • Review the state-of-the-art of the methods to ensure privacy in audio and video data.
  • Analyse the capabilities/limitations of the different audio- and video-based devices and current methods to ensure privacy.
  • Exchange knowledge in order to obtain more robust methods, which follow privacy- by-default and privacy-by-design principles, for privacy preservation.
  • Integrate users privacy preferences in order to design context-aware solutions that are adaptable to different privacy requirements and scenarios.
  • Foster the collaboration among participants in R&I projects.

Image credits: source Freepik. Author: Stories.