WG2. Privacy-by-design in audio and video data

This WG will bring together researchers and industry involved in the design and development of methods to ensure privacy in audio and video data. These include a variety of mechanisms for de- identification of audiovisual data in order to protect privacy while maintaining a certain degree of intelligibility in them, which could be used to recognise events and activities in a supervised (by a carer, non-automated) manner.

WG leader

Dr. Nicolas Sklavos

WG members

Anders Albrechtslund
Aarhus University - Denmark (DK)

Slavisa Aleksic
Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur (HTWK) Leipzig - Germany (DE)

Zoltan Alexin
University of Szeged - Hungary (HU)

Tom Backstrom
School of Electrical Engineering - Finland (FI)

Titus Constantin Balan
"Transilvania" University of Brasov Romania - Romania (RO)

Aurelija Blazeviciene
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences - Lithuania (LT)

Carlo Botrugno
Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italy (IT)

Maria Kalliopi Bottis Kanellopoulou
Ionian University - Greece (EL)

Karla Brkic
Inubit - Croatia (HR)

Pau Climent-Pérez
Universitat d'Alacant - Spain (ES)

Sara Colantonio
Institute of Information Science and Technologies - Italy (IT)

Liane Colonna
The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute - Sweden (SE)

Bart Custers
Leiden University - Netherlands (NL)

Carina Dantas
SHINE2Europe - Portugal (PT)

John Dinsmore
Trinity College Dublin - Ireland (IE)

Anton Fedosov
University of Zurich - Switzerland (CH)

Francisco Florez-Revuelta
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Eduard Fosch-Villaronga
Leiden University - Netherlands (NL)

Hajer Gahbiche Msakni
University of Kairouan - Tunisia (TN)

Gemma Galdon
Eticas Research and Consulting - Spain (ES)

Javier Ganzarain
AFEdemy, Academy on age-friendly environments BV - Netherlands (NL)

Ioannis Gialelis
University of Patras - Greece (EL)

Fasih Haider
the University Of Edinburgh - United Kingdom (UK)

Kooshan Hashemifard
University of Alicante - Spain (ES)

Aleksandar Jevremovic
Faculty of Computing and Informatics - Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Deepu John
University College Dublin - Ireland (IE)

Martin Kampel
Vienna University of Technology - Austria (AT)

William Kearns
University of South Florida - United States (US)

Tomi Kinnunen
University of Eastern Finland - Finland (FI)

Andrzej Klimczuk
SGH Warsaw School of Economics - Poland (PL)

Petre Lameski
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering - North Macedonia (MK)

Marc Langheinrich
Università della Svizzera italiana - Switzerland (CH)

Adrienn Lukács
University of Szeged - Hungary (HU)

Mathew Magimai Doss
Idiap Research Institute - Switzerland (CH)

Isabel Martínez-Sempere
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Edlira Martiri
University of Tirana - Albania (AL)

Renata Mekovec
Faculty of organization and informatics, University of Zagreb - Croatia (HR)

Cristina Miguel
University of Gothenburg - Sweden (SE)

Alex Mihailidis
University of Toronto - Canada (CA)

Georgiana Irina Mocanu
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest - Romania (RO)

Thomas B. Moeslund
Aalborg University - Denmark (DK)

Tamar Mujirishvili
University of ALicante - Spain (ES)

Rodrigo Pérez
Fundación para Investigación Biomédica Hospital Universitario de Getafe - Spain (ES)

Barbara Pierscionek
Barbara Pierscionek - United Kingdom (UK)

Rossana Pinna
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Peter Pocta
University of Zilina - Slovakia (SK)

Siddharth Ravi
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Blerim Rexha
University of Prishtina - Kosovo* (KV)

Nenad Ristic
Sinergija University - Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Gianluigi Riva
University College Dublin - Ireland (IE)

Ramo Sendelj
University Donja Gorica - Montenegro (ME)

Artur Serrano
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Norway (NO)

Nicolas Sklavos
University of Patras - Greece (EL)

Danijel Skocaj
University of Ljubljana - Slovenia (SI)

Andrzej Sobecki
Gdansk University of Technology - Poland (PL)

Agusti Solanas
Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Spain (ES)

Ariel Stulman
Jerusalem College of Technology - Israel (IL)

Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux
University of St. Gallen - Switzerland (CH)

Ali Osman Topal
Luxembourg University - Luxembourg (LU)

Wilhelmina Van Staalduinen
AFEdemy, Academy on age-friendly environments in Europe BV - Netherlands (NL)

Mladen Veinovic
Singidunum University - Serbia (RS)

Eftim Zdravevski
Sts Cyril and Methodius University - North Macedonia (MK)

Andrej Zgank
University of Maribor, Faculty of EE & CS - Slovenia (SI)

  • Review the state-of-the-art of the methods to ensure privacy in audio and video data.
  • Analyse the capabilities/limitations of the different audio- and video-based devices and current methods to ensure privacy.
  • Exchange knowledge in order to obtain more robust methods, which follow privacy- by-default and privacy-by-design principles, for privacy preservation.
  • Integrate users privacy preferences in order to design context-aware solutions that are adaptable to different privacy requirements and scenarios.
  • Foster the collaboration among participants in R&I projects.

Image credits: source Freepik. Author: Stories.