WG3. Audio- and video-based AAL applications

This WG will bring together researchers and industry working in different aspects of audio- and video-based AAL solutions: applications (e.g. recognition of activities of daily living, fall prevention and detection, human behaviour analysis, behaviour and lifestyle profiling, food intake monitoring, physiological monitoring, rehabilitation, personal assistants), integration with other technologies (e.g. robotics, smart cities, big data), health economics, and business models. This WG will use the guidelines emanating from WG1 and the methods for privacy preservation proposed in WG2 in order to adapt available AAL systems and to develop new AAL solutions compliant with users requirements and the legal regulation.

WG co-leaders

Prof Luiza SPIRU
Fundatia Ana Aslan International
e-mail lsaslan@brainaging.ro

Prof Martin KAMPEL
Vienna University of Technology
e-mail martin.kampel@tuwien.ac.at

Institute of Information Science and Technologies
e-mail sara.colantonio@isti.cnr.it

Prof Artur SERRANO
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
e-mail jarturserrano@gmail.com

  • Review the state-of-the-art of audio- and video-based monitoring technologies and potential applications for AAL.
  • Study of the economic opportunities of these applications in the Silver Economy.
  • Exchange knowledge on different computer vision, audio processing, and artificial intelligence techniques used by the participants in order to find commonalities, which could lead to the development of more robust, accurate and reliable systems. Integrate knowledge from WG1 and WG2 in the design and development of AAL applications.
  • Foster the collaboration among participants in R&I projects.

Image credits: source Freepik. Author: Rocketpixel.