WG5. Dissemination and exploitation

This is a central WG in the Action in order to increase the impact among the different stakeholders. Users’ trust is paramount so that audio- and video-based AAL applications reach the market, as well as policy makers, service providers and procurers need to be aware of the available solutions.

WG members

Slavisa Aleksic
Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur (HTWK) Leipzig - Germany (DE)

Aliaksei Andrushevich
SwissIQ GmbH - Switzerland (CH)

Carlo Botrugno
Università degli Studi di Firenze - Italy (IT)

Pau Climent-Pérez
Universitat d'Alacant - Spain (ES)

Francisco Florez-Revuelta
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Kooshan Hashemifard
University of Alicante - Spain (ES)

Aleksandar Jevremovic
Faculty of Computing and Informatics - Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Andrzej Klimczuk
SGH Warsaw School of Economics - Poland (PL)

Adrienn Lukács
University of Szeged - Hungary (HU)

Isabel Martínez-Sempere
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Tamar Mujirishvili
University of ALicante - Spain (ES)

Rossana Pinna
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Siddharth Ravi
Universidad de Alicante - Spain (ES)

Nenad Ristic
Sinergija University - Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Nicolas Sklavos
University of Patras - Greece (EL)

Agusti Solanas
Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Spain (ES)

Luiza Spiru
UMF Carol Davila - Romania (RO)

Marco Traversi

  • Disseminate the outcomes of the Action among the research community.
  • Promote innovation and collaboration with the industry.
  • Organise events to engage other stakeholders.
  • Foster the collaboration with other research projects and COST Actions.
  • Promote a certification on trustworthy AAL applications.

Image credits: source Freepik. Author: Freepik.