Call for Virtual Mobility Grants

The COST Association has developed Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants to strengthen the existing networks by allowing individual participants to foster collaboration, to exchange knowledge, to learn new techniques, etc. The successful applicants will be selected by the Management Committee to perform activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence. These activities may include surveys, questionnaires or preparation of protocols, virtual mentoring of activities that can generate capacity, build new skills, etc.

For more information about these VM Grants, please read the Annotated Rules for COST Actions (Annexes 2 and 4).

GoodBrother’s Strategy for Virtual Mobility Grants

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants must support the achievement of the main outcomes and milestones of the Action. In the past years, these grants have been focused on developing online content to disseminate topics related to GoodBrother, presented in our OnlineSpeak event, or to a mentorship programme.

Information about VM Grants for this Grant Period (until September 2024) will be published soon.