Call for Virtual Mobility Grants

The COST Association has developed Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants to strengthen the existing networks by allowing individual participants to foster collaboration, to exchange knowledge, to learn new techniques, etc. The successful applicants will be selected by the Management Committee to perform activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence. These activities may include surveys, questionnaires or preparation of protocols, virtual mentoring of activities that can generate capacity, build new skills, etc.

For more information about these VM Grants, please read the Annotated Rules for COST Actions (Annexes 2 and 4).

GoodBrother’s Strategy for Virtual Mobility Grants

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants must support the achievement of the main outcomes and milestones of the Action. In the past years, these grants have been focused on developing online content to disseminate topics related to GoodBrother, presented in our OnlineSpeak event.

In this Grant Period (November 2022-October 2023), these grants will be focused on establishing a mentorship programme so that experienced researchers can advise and guide Young Researchers and Innovators (YRIs) in their research and career paths. This mentorship programme is highlighted in the Memorandum of Understanding to fulfil different Action objectives, such as:

  • Objective 9. Support the future leadership of Early Career Investigators (ECIs).
  • Objective 10. Support the research in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) and Near-Neighbour Countries (NNCs).

Up to 12 Virtual Mobility Grants of 500€ will be awarded until end of October 2023 in two different categories. 

  • Up to six grants for experts delivering webinars to advise and guide YRIs in their research and career paths. The following list includes (but is not limited to) some topics that could be addressed through these VM Grants: 
    • How to prepare a Horizon Europe proposal? 
    • How to prepare a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action proposal? 
    • How to prepare a COST Action proposal? 
    • How to review a journal or conference paper? 
    • How to write a scoping review? 
    • How to prepare a workshop/conference proposal? 
    • How to write a faculty application?
    • How to succeed in an academic interview?
    • Experiences from experts successful in relevant research programmes (Marie Skłodowska-Curie, ERC…) 
    • Tips and suggestions for prestigious postdoc fellowship applications
  • Up to six grants for experts, who will serve as mentors, of a cohort of up to 5 YRIs (mentees). They must be available for providing advice when requested by one of the mentees.

In a first call, four grants for webinars and five grants for mentors. Therefore, there is still funding for two grants for webinars and one grant for mentors.

Please, check the section on the Mentorship Programme for topics already granted.

Second call for Virtual Mobility Grants


Researcher and Innovators with appropriate affiliation as described in the Annotated Rules for COST Actions (section AFFILIATION).

Additionally: Priority will be given to active Working Group members whose application is closely related to the goals and deliverables of the Action. For more information please see the GoodBrother Memorandum of Understanding.

Number of grants

Four (Two for webinars and two for mentors)

Grant amount

A financial contribution for each Virtual Mobility Grant of EUR 500 will be awarded. The grant does not necessarily cover all expenses related to undertaking the virtual networking role.


The applications will be processed as they are received until the available budget is allocated.


The activity must be finalised by mid-October.

Application procedure

Please use the online form available via your e-COST profile at, together with the appropriate forms and supporting documents:

  • Application form (template) describing: Main objective, description of the work to be carried out by the applicant, plan for participation, expected outcomes and description of the contribution to the Action MoU objectives;
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Optional: Other relevant documents that support the application (e.g. recommendation letter, etc.)

The proposal must align with the objectives of GoodBrother. For more information please visit the GoodBrother Website and consult the GoodBrother Memorandum of Understanding

Evaluation and selection of applicants

The applications will be evaluated within one week by GoodBrother’s Core Group.

All the applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the proposal with the COST and Action aims and objectives
  • Alignment with the objectives and idea of the mentorship programme
  • Complementarity with applications already granted (see section on the Mentorship Programme)
  • Appropriate consideration of the inclusiveness Policy, especially towards the support of researchers in ITCs and NNCs.
  • In case of equally ranked applications underrepresented persons, Young Researchers and applicants from ITC will be considered first