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Dr. Emilio Mordini

Who: Emilio Mordini is a clinical psychoanalyst, currently based in France and Italy. He chairs the Non-Profit Organization NORIA-ONLUS, which promotes and investigates ethics, culture and identity. Emilio has a background in medicine and philosophy. He serves as a Research Fellow at the Haifa University Health and Risk Communication Center in Israel. He is a registered Scientific Expert at the Italian Ministry of University and Research and external senior expert for providing support and advice on communication activities of the European Commission. Emilio is full member of the Italian Psychiatric Association (SIP), and the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). He chairs the ethical committee of the European Association of Biometrics (EAB).

What: Emilio has a background in medicine and philosophy. He is an expert on risk communication, psycho-societal impact of emerging technologies and ethics. His research activity focuses on the collective imaginary, and the social unconscious; how they influence rational choices, shape action, determine futures, through narratives, ideologies, and values. Emilio published 139 peer reviewed papers and monographs, 141 articles in non-reviewed publications, and edited 14 books and special issues of journals.

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Francisco (Paco) Florez

Who: Dr. Florez is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computing Technology, University of Alicante, Spain. He is currently the coordinator of PAAL – Privacy-Aware and Acceptable Lifelogging services for older and frail people, funded under the framework of the transnational Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives”, and visuAAL – Privacy-Aware and Acceptable Video-Based Technologies and Services for Active and Assisted Living, a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. He is also the Chair of the GoodBrother COST Action – International Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living.

What: His main research interest is in technologies for active and assisted living: computer vision, recognition of activities of daily living, visual privacy preservation, person-environment interaction, home automation. He is also interested in the application of computational intelligence (neural networks, evolutionary computation) to different problems.

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